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Attracktor System

Attracktor is made up of three main components:
1) Top-notch real estate training university.
2) Real Estate relationship marketing and transaction management
software platform.
3) An online mastermind community comprised of
like-minded agents sharing their knowledge and ideas for massive

Attracktor system

How Does It Work?

The only way into Attracktor is through the 4-Week “Attract & Retain Formula” Training!

How does it works

In order to implement the Attract & Retain Formula in your business, you will need to take the
4-week online boot camp, which opens up only 4 times a year.


Because this is not just a Software & Training. This is a business model and a mindset that requires
the knowledge to implement the formula. The truth is, not every agent is right for this, and we don't
want your money unless we can help you make a whole lot more of it so, we created a way to see if
this is right for you at no expense.

Once you sign up for the 4-Week Training, you will get a 30-Day FREE Trial to Attracktor so that you
have plenty of time to take training, attend our webinars, and check out what being a member of
Attracktor is all about. That way YOU CAN DECIDE IF IT’S RIGHT FOR YOU.

That’s a pretty fair deal, yes?

You’re getting $3,000 in training FREE! You can steal our power points, listing presentation, buyers
presentation, and anything else you want Risk FREE!

The Attract & Retain Formula is all about attracting clients to work with you by taking the sales out
of real estate and creating extreme value up front. You're going to learn how to give, give, give, with
all your marketing efforts — so people will be attracted to doing business with you.

Sorry, Registration Is Closed.Registration

But you can sign up to get notified for our next enrollment:

Feb 22,2017

Sorry, Registration Is Closed.Registration

But you can sign up to get notified for our next enrollment:

May 17, 2017

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The Training


Week 1

The Ultimate Referral & Attraction
Marketing Plan


Week 2

Relationship/Referral Marketing


Week 3

Seller Transactional Marketing System


Week 4

Buyer Transactional Marketing Systems

That’s not all...

I do have bad news… If you are looking for “prospecting” techniques that are going to show you how
to cold call cancelled, expireds, or go door knocking, this is not for you. We play the long game and
this is more appropriate for a career agent, not a fly by night transactional Realtor.
You will learn how to  attract clients through a “sell without selling” approach using more advanced
marketing channels like you see outlined below.

Here’s some of the advanced marketing
courses you will also have access to during
your 30-Day Free Trial:


Attracktor Training University

All members have access to our top-notch training courses. A $3,000 value!!!

  • The Ultimate Referral & Attraction Marketing Plan
  • Referral Army Marketing
  • The Ultimate Listing Marketing System/Seller
    Transactional Marketing
  • Buyer Transactional Marketing Systems
  • Advanced Facebook Ads Training
  • Real Estate Blogging 101
  • Advanced Video Marketing Training
  • Neighborhood Direct Mail Farming
  • Direct Mail Funnels
  • Advanced LinkedIn Marketing

Next Enrollment: May 17, 2017

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The Software

attracktor software

Attracktor’s Software Platform

The ultimate relationship-marketing and transaction management platform!

"Relationship Builder" CRM

Over 60% of all agent business is attributed to referrals or
repeat clients. You don’t get referrals from strangers, you get
them from your relationships. We just made it easy to not be

  • Contact & Contact list management
  • Contact categorization
  • Create your own custom fields
  • Contact notes & activity Logs
  • Google calendar integration - Set reminders for Appoints,
    Transactional Tasks and Marketing Tasks that sync to
    Google Calendar!

Transaction Management & Marketing Solution

Our transaction management system allows you to provide
an exceptional consumer real estate experience for creating
lifelong clients and allows you to leverage your exisitng
transactions for spin-off business.

  • Sales pipeline management
  • Buyer transactional marketing checklists
  • Seller transactional marketing checklists
  • Create your own transactional marketing checklist
  • Transaction doc storage (coming soon!)

Video Email

  • BombBomb Video Email Integration
  • 18mo. - 24mo. Video Campaign Coaching

Set-it & Forget-it Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Fully automated direct-mail campaign software
  • 12-mo. done-for-you direct mail marketing campaigns that
    include postcards and newsletters!
  • 12 month done-for-you direct mail farming campaigns
  • 9-mo. done-for-you holiday direct mail campaigns
  • 4-Step done-for-you absentee owner direct mail campaigns
  • Just Listed & Just Sold web-to-print postcards & direct mail
  • 4-Step automated Absentee Owner campaign

Next Enrollment: May 17, 2017

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The Community


Attracktor Mastermind Community

We are more than just a fancy software with a bunch of advanced marketing training. We are ultimately a community that focuses on advanced real estate marketing strategies. Because marketing is always changing, being a part of this group allows you to change with it and stay in the know of the latest trends.

Private Facebook Group

This is a private members only Facebook group. You can ask
questions or submit your marketing pieces to get critiqued. We
post all our content here and respond to all of your questions,
We have several of our contributors who monitor this group
24/7 so we can better serve you.

2 Webinars A Month

Twice a month we host webinars answering your questions. We
know your broker does not have the expertise or time to help
you with your marketing headaches, but that’s exactly where
we come in. It’s our job to better serve you so attend these
webinars or catch the replay to catch the latest trends.

Unlimited Online Support:

If you are taking one of our training courses and have a
question on a specific module or lesson, then just ask away. We
get notified right away and will respond ASAP! We will also
post all questions in the Facebook group so others can learn.

Here’s what your friends are saying:

Just listen to some of the folks who attended our latest events!

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Next Enrollment: May 17, 2017

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100% guarantee

No Risk 30-Day Free Trial:

If you feel Attracktor isn’t right for you, you can cancel your account during your
30-Day Free Trial and you won’t be charged a penny!

Free Tip - Steal all of our content during your free trial!!!

Individual Agent Access
(Must have access code)


Members Only

Attracktor Training University, Unlimited Access
Attracktor Software Platform
+ Direct Mail Campaigns
+ BombBomb Video Email Integration
+ Relationship Builder / CRM
+ Attracktor Training University
+ Training Resources
+ Marketing Resources
+ Team-Admin Account
+ Unlimited Platform Support
Private Facebook Group
2 Webinars A Month
Business Owner Private Facebook Group
Custom Branded Attracktor Solution
Custom Direct Mail Template

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