Attracktor helps you build a strong
personal brand your database refers.

Without having to talk about real estate all the time.

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What The software does

Attracktor is software solution dedicated to keeping you top-of-mind with
your database and enhancing the client experience.

The Relationship Builder

Attracktor is a full CRM dedicated to nurturing
your past clients & sphere of influence.

Direct Mail Marketing

Attracktor is an automated direct mail
solution that can market your database
without you lifting a finger.

Video Email

Attracktor is a video email system to help
nurture your database and enhance the
client experience.

Transactional Marketing

Attracktor is a full transaction management
solution that is focused on enhancing the
client experience so you can compete against
the industry’s “less expensive” options.

Create Client Workflows

Streamline all of your buyer and seller
workflows to deliver exceptional service
that your clients refer and return to for
future business.

Calendar & Task Manager

You can use Attracktor to schedule
reminders and plan your monthly
marketing activities.

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WHAT ATTRACKTOR Marketing does

Attracktor is also a full marketing company that provides done for you a la carte services.

Done For You Content Marketing

We will script, film, create, and edit done-for-you video and blog content and then drive traffic to your website.

Done For You Listing Marketing

We take your listing and turn it into 3 separate marketing campaigns that your clients love and used to create spin-off business.

Flip This Agent

Flip This Agent is a complete brand gut renovation that will define your brand as well as setup your ongoing content marketing strategy so you don’t have to always talk about real estate.

Wordpress Websites

We can build you a full customized website that you own vs. lease, that is fully capable of capturing your brand’s story.

Video Editing Services

We help you cut out the cost of a videographer by sharing our proven video templates so you’ll never run out of content to produce.

Content Optimization services

You can have the best content in the world, but if nobody sees it, what’s the point. We’ll get your content to your database for you as well as make it easier to be found online.

Agent pricing


$ 97 /mo

Attracktor Startup $479

(one time setup fee)

Attracktor is a training & coaching platform
for building your personal brand.

Attracktor is more than just a software. We take each agent through a 30 day
onboarding process into our system. During this process you’ll learn how to
use our system as well as be coached on personal branding.

Build Your Database

We will export all of your database and then upload it into
email, direct mail, and social media marketing lists for you.

The Training

During your onboarding, you will learn the ins-and-outs of database marketing and building a strong personal brand amongst your network.

DIY Video Marketing Bootcamp Included

Do you want to take your personal branding game to the next level?
You can attend our monthly DIY Video Marketing bootcamp where we
will train you in all of our video templates so you can create an ongoing
video marketing strategy with your Smart Phone.

Monthly Mastermind Calls

Join in our monthly mastermind calls and
network with agents around the country on
what’s working for them or just listen to some of
our guest speakers for inspiration.

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